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05 Aug 2011

Significant Increase in Number of Americans Working Past Retirement

Evelyn Hutch­er­son is prompt.  At 7:30 a.m. she set­tles into her cubi­cle and chats eas­ily with her co-workers in the third floor office at the Vir­ginia Employ­ment Com­mis­sion on E. Main Street in Richmond. She pre­pares for her work day by orga­niz­ing her desk and sign­ing into her Dell desk­top computer. Her fin­gers trem­ble on […]

21 Jul 2011

Significant Increase in Americans Working Past Retirement

RICHMOND,Va.-Four days a week Betty Gilley is at work early. 6:30 to be exact. The oldest in her office, the petite, golden haired woman is known as a fast walker and a diligent worker. With close to 44 years of service, Gilley retired in 2010 with plans to work in her flower gardens and keep […]