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04 May 2011

Meet a VA Lobbyist: Patrick Cushing, Alliance Group

Christian Wright interviews Patrick Cushing, a lobbyist at the Alliance Group, about what it is like to lobby for multiple clients as part of a small firm.

16 Feb 2011

Meet a VA Lobbyist: Virginia Public Access Project

While they aren’t lobbyists, the Virginia Public Access Project has a lot to do with lobbying. They publish and help link lobbyists to organizations and the money they give to candidates, becoming an incredibly important tool for citizens of Virginia.

09 Feb 2011

Meet a VA Lobbyist: Mark Rubin, VCU

For those who don’t know what lobbying is like, or wonder what entails, this video is for you. Mark Rubin, executive director of government relations at Virginia Commonwealth University, explains lobbying and what it entails.