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20 Dec 2013

Richmond ranks high in income inequality

Richmond has one the highest levels of income inequality in the United States. The poorest fifth of the city’s households receives 2.4 percent of the city’s aggregate income; the richest fifth gets 57 percent.

20 Dec 2013

Income inequality: by the numbers

Here is the data we used to produce this package of stories.

20 Dec 2013

Look up your county’s income data

Here is a tool to examine all of the income-related data that we have compiled on each county.

20 Dec 2013

A map of income inequality in Virginia

This map shows the Gini index — the level of income inequality — for each county and city in Virginia.

20 Dec 2013

The genius behind the Gini index

Italian statistician Corrado Gini created the Gini coefficient or index, in 1912. It is the most commonly used instrument of measurement for income inequality.