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12 Dec 2013

Parking bad at the Amelia Court House Post Office

The Amelia Court House post office is located in a building built in 1959 that came with four parking spaces.   One of those parking spaces is reserved for handicapped use, leaving three general use spots for use by a population that has increased 63 percent since the facility was built.  To put it plainly, the village’s post office parking situation is bad.

10 Nov 2013

SOL reading drops trump math rises, despite DOE framing

The Virginia Department of Education press release about the 2012-13 scores was headlined, “Students Make Gains on All Mathematics SOLs,” but the math gains were scant compared to reading losses.

31 Oct 2013

Richmond preps for Halloween 2013

Premiere Costumes was doing wicked business the Monday before Halloween.

05 Aug 2011

Significant Increase in Number of Americans Working Past Retirement

Evelyn Hutch­er­son is prompt.  At 7:30 a.m. she set­tles into her cubi­cle and chats eas­ily with her co-workers in the third floor office at the Vir­ginia Employ­ment Com­mis­sion on E. Main Street in Richmond. She pre­pares for her work day by orga­niz­ing her desk and sign­ing into her Dell desk­top computer. Her fin­gers trem­ble on […]

26 Jul 2011

RVA Retirement Living

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25 Jul 2011

Six ex-offenders stay motivated despite rejections

By Zakia Williams Six ex-offenders share their stories on what it’s like to be reminded of their past crimes with constant job rejections. Donna Hobson, a mother of four, came to the Offender Aid and Restoration of Richmond (OAR) in 2011 after serving a 10-month sentence for a felony child neglect conviction. Hear what Hobson […]

25 Jul 2011

Map of FourSquare Deals Around Richmond

By Doug CallahanMultimedia Journalism Graduate Student FourSquare is a social networking site that allows users to “check in” at locations with their mobile devices. When someone checks in at a place more than any other user, he or she becomes the “mayor” of that establishment. Being a mayor, or earning other titles, can pay off. […]

21 Jul 2011

Significant Increase in Americans Working Past Retirement

RICHMOND,Va.-Four days a week Betty Gilley is at work early. 6:30 to be exact. The oldest in her office, the petite, golden haired woman is known as a fast walker and a diligent worker. With close to 44 years of service, Gilley retired in 2010 with plans to work in her flower gardens and keep […]

18 Jul 2011

The Changing Face of HIV

by Saquoia freeman The face of HIV is changing and people are still not aware of the high risk that Black women have in getting HIV.    Richmond, Va.-From 1980 to 1983 HIV was called the Gay Related Immune Deficiency (GRID). Homosexuals, Haitians, Hemophiliacs and Heroine users were known has the four H’s to be […]

18 Jul 2011

Social Media Business Strategy Is Trying To Catch Up To Technology And Demand

Doug Callahan Virginia Commonwealth University RICHMOND | “I don’t think anyone’s doing it right yet,” said Kira Siddall, a social media strategist for Siddall Advertising. “You can’t do it right because as soon as someone does it right, it changes.” The “it” that Siddall was speaking of is social media, and its proper application for […]

27 Jun 2011

Ex-offenders quest for jobs

<script src=”http://storify.com/goldernrule/exoffenders-quest-for-jobs.js”></script><noscript>[<a href=”http://storify.com/goldernrule/exoffenders-quest-for-jobs” target=”blank”>View the story “Ex-offenders quest for jobs” on Storify]</a></noscript>[View the story “Ex-offenders quest for jobs” on Storify]

27 Jun 2011

Richmond Starter Homes

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27 Jun 2011

National HIV Testing Day

View “June 27 is National HIV Testing Day” on Storify

25 Oct 2010

Richmond Church And Other Organizations Offer Support For HIV/AIDS Community

By Doug Callahan For those dealing with an HIV or AIDS diagnosis, emotional support can be as important as medical care. Jay Irvine, the office manager at the Metropolitan Community Church of Richmond, said the church offers that exact thing locally, with its HIV/AIDS ministry. “Most of the people who come to MCC are those […]

23 Oct 2010

Friendly Rivalries Simmer at Celtic Festival

On October 23 and 24, Scottish clans gathered to celebrate the Meadow Highland Games and Celtic Festival at the Virginia State Fair Grounds.

09 Oct 2010

La Sabrosita Bakery Rises in Richmond

By Zakia Williams

MASC 645 Visual Journalism

RICHMOND, Va. — The Richmond community is getting a taste of the Hispanic culture in more ways than just through a bite of quesadilla or enchilada.

09 Oct 2010

A Taste of French Culture in Carytown

RICHMOND, Va. — The bell above the door jingles as the aromas of fresh baked bread and sweet pastries meet your nose. Trays lined with fluffy croissants, sticky cinnamon buns and baguettes straight from the oven fly out from the kitchen and fill the shelves of Jean-Jacques Bakery & Café in Carytown. Celebrating its 27th […]

09 Oct 2010

Richmond’s Spanish Community

RICHMOND, Va. — America is usually referred to as the “melting pot,” a place where there is an opportunity to meet different cultures and ethnicities from around the world. The Hispanic population specifically has played a major contributing role in the growing diversity of this nation.

11 Jun 2010

MMJ Test feature entry 3

Test copy.