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20 Dec 2013

Richmond ranks high in income inequality

Richmond has one the highest levels of income inequality in the United States. The poorest fifth of the city’s households receives 2.4 percent of the city’s aggregate income; the richest fifth gets 57 percent.

20 Dec 2013

Income inequality: by the numbers

Here is the data we used to produce this package of stories.

20 Dec 2013

Look up your county’s income data

Here is a tool to examine all of the income-related data that we have compiled on each county.

20 Dec 2013

A map of income inequality in Virginia

This map shows the Gini index — the level of income inequality — for each county and city in Virginia.

20 Dec 2013

The genius behind the Gini index

Italian statistician Corrado Gini created the Gini coefficient or index, in 1912. It is the most commonly used instrument of measurement for income inequality.

20 Dec 2013

About the American Community Survey

The data used in this story came from the 2010-2012 American Community Survey complied by the U.S. Census Bureau. Four datasets were used to put this story together.

14 Dec 2013

Racial gulf persists in who gets home loans

African Americans and Hispanics are far more likely than Caucasians to be denied home mortgage loans.

14 Dec 2013

How we computed loan denial rates

Here’s how we did this query. It is similar to most of the queries we used in our analysis.

14 Dec 2013

About the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act data

The data for this story was released through the federal Home Mortgage Disclosure Act, which requires most lending institutions to report home mortgage loan application information to the government annually.

09 Dec 2013

Southside residents, clergy fight back against AIDS

It’s been an uphill battle for Lindsay Bryant, who’s one of many trying to combat the ongoing debacle of HIV/AIDS in Richmond and the rest of Central Virginia.

11 Nov 2013

HIV-AIDS: Our data and map

Here are the data used in our report on HIV and AIDS in Virginia. We’ve also posted a larger view on the map showing the HIV-AIDS rate for each locality.

10 Nov 2013

Who owns the most vacant buildings?

Five vacant properties, previously owned by a prominent Richmond-area investor, were auctioned off by the city of Richmond for tax delinquency in late October. The properties, located in Church Hill along a historic stretch of homes, had been owned by property collector Stacy Martin through Premier Investment Properties LLC.

10 Nov 2013

HIV/AIDS takes grim toll in Richmond

About 2,330 Richmond residents are infected with HIV/AIDS, and the city’s infection rate is the highest in Central Virginia – almost four times the statewide average.

09 Nov 2013

U.S. counties with the biggest bump in poverty rates

According to the 2012 American Community Survey, nine of the 10 counties with the highest poverty rates in the U.S. are in Southern states. This is not surprising, since nine out of the 10 counties with the biggest increase in poverty rates are also in the South

09 Nov 2013

Poverty in Richmond highest in the state

A lot of people think of Detroit as the poster child for poverty. But here’s a disturbing fact: The poverty rate in Richmond is just as bad.

09 Nov 2013

More dying on the job in Virginia

Workplace fatalities in Virginia increased 15 percent last year. And in the Richmond area, the numbers of workplace deaths were higher in 2012 than they have been in five years, according to federal and state data.

13 Oct 2013

Map of uninsured Hispanics in the U.S.

This map shows the percentage of Hispanics residents in each state who did not have health insurance in 2011.

21 Apr 2012

Claimants see injustice in judge’s denials

An administrative law judge in Richmond rejects nearly eight of every 10 claims for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits — one of the highest denial rates in the country. Lawyers and claimants say Judge Drew Swank is unfair, and they have filed complaints against him.

04 Aug 2011

Community Celebrates at 22nd African-American Cultural Arts Festival

“Sankofa”, meaning “to go back or take” in a Ghanian language, was the theme for this year’s African-American Cultural Arts Festival at Booker T. Washington Park, now in its 22nd year.

03 Aug 2011

Black Cemetery Restoration Plans Underway

Volunteers hope new plans to upkeep a black cemetery where thousands are buried, Evergreen Cemetery, will eventually lead to a full restoration.

03 Aug 2011

For Indian Family, Adaptation and Assimilation in America

Anitha Bhuvaneswaran, a recent high school graduate, is worried about the stress her Indian culture is putting on her life. By Sean Collins-Smith.

01 Aug 2011

SlutWalks Sweep the Globe in Their Fight Against Victim Blaming

By Elise Chretien On April 3, 2011, Sonya Barnett and Heather Jarvis had no idea what they were creating when they hosted the first SlutWalk in Toronto. Now, only three short months later, SlutWalks have spread to over 30 countries and 100 cities, half of which are major cities in the United States. When asked how it felt to watch […]

22 Jul 2011

Recovery through their eyes

Six people, six different drug-recovery stories.

20 Jul 2011

Reentry programs push for doors to open

By Zakia Williams RICHMOND, Va — For seven years Donna Hobson, 42, assisted clients in their recovery efforts from alcohol and substance abuse. She monitored client’s behavior and provided them with community resources. As a substance abuse counselor at The Healing Place in Richmond, she found joy in motivating others to overcome their addictions. “I […]

18 Jul 2011

New recovery center works the steps, aims to change the system

Brewer has been clean for almost four years and is now the senior peer leader at the Caroline County Recovery Center. The center – a partnership between Caroline County’s Commonwealth Attorney Tony Spencer and The McShin Foundation in Richmond – was established in February. It uses McShin’s model of peer recovery, where drug addicts help each other using 12-step based recovery.

18 Jul 2011

Census details on Virginia’s same-sex couples to be released on Thursday

On Thursday, July 21, the United States Census will release the full 2010 data for Virginia. For the LGBT community, this means more than a rough guess of how many same-sex families live in the state.

11 Jul 2011

Robbed of Retirement?

Meet six retirees who gave up the leisure of retirement to return to work.   Betty Gilley When Betty Gilley first retired she felt lost. A women who works best under a routine, Gilley went back to work, adding to her nearly 44 years of service. Podcast Powered By Podbean Gloria Miles,66 Gloria Miles didn’t plan to […]

11 Jul 2011

The Nation’s Battle Against Sexual Violence

<script src=””></script><noscript>[<a href=”” target=”blank”>View the story “The Nation’s Fight Against Sexual Violence and Victim Blaming ” on Storify]</a></noscript>

10 Jul 2011

The Road to Recovery

Take a look at the Google Map I created outlining different recovery resources in and around the Richmond area and how they contrast.

10 Jul 2011

What is it like to be gay in Richmond?

Six residents of Richmond, Va. discussed what it’s like to be gay in the River City from a variety of viewpoints.

26 Jun 2011

VCU SAVES Offers Sexual Violence Prevention Education

A video by Elise Chretien on Richmond organizations fighting sexual violence and victim-blaming.

26 Jun 2011

Same-sex marriage passes in New York

Same-sex marriage is now legal in New York because of both support from several Republican state senators and the experience gained from past attempts.

12 Apr 2011

After 15 Years, Short Pump Marches Onward

In 1996, many of Short Pump’s major landmarks were completed, setting off a wave of development that takes it closer and closer to being a business and leisure destination.

11 Apr 2011

Southside Business Owner Runs for Virginia Senate

By:Angel Booth RICHMOND, Va. – Inside Heart and Soul Sidewalk Café, a narrow dimly lit soul food restaurant on Hull Street, August Moon sat in the back corner booth. It was Super Bowl Sunday, and the Green Bay Packers were defeating the Pittsburgh Steelers live on the flat screen above Moon’s table. But he paid […]

11 Apr 2011

Church Hill community comes together, promotes unity

It may appear like just a basketball court from the outside but Hosea Bland, a minister at Mount Olivet Church in Church Hill, has a bigger plan. “Basketball itself attracts a lot of attention and we want everybody to come and just play,” Bland said. “A basketball court– we feel like that’ll be a catch.”

19 Feb 2011

Picasso comes to Richmond’s VMFA

Over 3,000 people flocked to the opening of the Pablo Picasso exhibit at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts on Saturday, February 19. The exhibit features 176 works from Picasso’s own personal collection assembled during the artist’s lifetime, according to Robin Nicholson, the VMFA’s deputy director for art and education, adding, “It’s the finest collection of Picasso’s work in the world.”

06 Dec 2010

21% of Fallen Soldiers Die ‘Non-Hostile’ Deaths

More than 20 percent of the U.S. soldiers who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan were killed not by enemy combatants but in “non-hostile” circumstances, including friendly fire, suicide, illness and accidents. That’s a higher proportion that in Korea or Vietnam. As one expert says, “It’s simply dangerous being there, even if nobody’s shooting at you.”

06 Dec 2010

Work Visas Plunge in a Declining Economy

As the U.S. economy has soured, companies aren’t hiring as many workers from overseas. In Virginia, the number of H1-B visa applications decreased nearly 50 percent in 2009, according to an analysis of data from the Foreign Labor Certification Data Center. Nationally, the number of visa applications dropped more than 30 percent.

25 Oct 2010

Bullying and the Code of Silence

In movies, bullying is portrayed as a rite of passage. The older, bigger children taunt the younger ones, “toughing” them up and in the end the child usually turns out OK. Unfortunately, this isn’t the reality in U.S. schools. According to the U.S. Justice Department one out of every four children in the U.S. is bullied each year. To combat the growing issue many states, including Virginia, have adopted strict laws to protect students.

25 Oct 2010

Homicides Decrease Despite Lagging Perceptions

The number of homicides in the city of Richmond have been on a gradual decline since 2004, according to data from the Richmond Crime Database. In a city that has seen widespread coverage of its violent crime problem, this continued decrease in murders comes as good news to police and citizens alike.

25 Oct 2010

Where Are the Men?

The U.S. Census Bureau counted the number of men and women in every county for the year 2000 and the year 2007. There were more than 148 million men in the United States and 152 million women in 2007. Nationwide, that puts 97 males per 100 females. In the Washington, DC metro area there 96 males per 100 females which is not that bad unless you are looking for quality men like Jasmin O’neal.

23 Oct 2010

Families Fundraise For Cold Case Murders

RICHMOND, Va — Families of the Colonial Parkway victims won’t let their cold cases fade away. On Saturday, Oct. 23, the families hosted a benefit and car show event to help raise awareness and fund an ongoing investigation of the murders.

11 Oct 2010

A New Home For AARF’s Abandoned Dogs

Jonas and his siblings were found abandoned by the Animal Adoption and Rescue Foundation, which tried to find them a loving home. His siblings have since found homes. Three months later, however, Jonas the yellow Labrador and hound mix, is the last one left.

09 Oct 2010

Gay Community Center of Richmond To Welcome New SAGE Affiliate

RICHMOND, Va. — The Gay Community Center of Richmond plans to become the 19th organization nationwide to host a chapter of SAGE, an advocacy group for elderly LGBT individuals. The Gay Community Center, located on Sherwood Avenue between the Diamond and the Children’s Hospital, has been serving Richmond’s LGBT community since 2008. Because Richmond’s elderly […]