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19 Oct 2015

Senate hopefuls get cash from party groups

As the Nov. 3 election approaches, the candidates for the District 10 seat in the Virginia Senate are asking not only for your vote but also for your financial support. And in the money race, Republican nominee Glen Sturtevant is catching up to his Democratic opponent, Dan Gecker.

08 Nov 2013

Common Wealth? Data Show Slow Growth in Va. Employment

Blame sequestration. Experts say federal budget cuts may explain why employment in Virginia is growing at a slower pace than it is nationwide. Virginia ranked 12th among the states in the number of people employed, at more than 3.5 million. But Virginia doesn’t compare so favorably in job growth – the percentage of employment change. […]

07 Nov 2013

Analysis of 2013 governor’s race

Sifting the tea leaves from Tuesday’s election: Which localities turned from red to blue; and how the Libertarian was a big winner in the cost per vote.

24 Sep 2013

1 in 5 Amelians lacks health insurance

Amelia County has one of the highest proportions among Virginia localities of residents without health insurance.

24 Sep 2013

Map of uninsured Virginians

This map, based on data recently released by the U.S. Census Bureau, shows the percentage of residents in each Virginia locality who did not have health insurance in 2011.

25 Jul 2011

Political Speech Writing: Six Virginia Voices Sound Off


20 Jul 2011

Reentry programs push for doors to open

By Zakia Williams RICHMOND, Va — For seven years Donna Hobson, 42, assisted clients in their recovery efforts from alcohol and substance abuse. She monitored client’s behavior and provided them with community resources. As a substance abuse counselor at The Healing Place in Richmond, she found joy in motivating others to overcome their addictions. “I […]

18 Jul 2011

New recovery center works the steps, aims to change the system

Brewer has been clean for almost four years and is now the senior peer leader at the Caroline County Recovery Center. The center – a partnership between Caroline County’s Commonwealth Attorney Tony Spencer and The McShin Foundation in Richmond – was established in February. It uses McShin’s model of peer recovery, where drug addicts help each other using 12-step based recovery.

18 Jul 2011

Demographic Shifts to Effect Virginia’s Political Speechwriting in 2012

18 Jul 2011

Census details on Virginia’s same-sex couples to be released on Thursday

On Thursday, July 21, the United States Census will release the full 2010 data for Virginia. For the LGBT community, this means more than a rough guess of how many same-sex families live in the state.

12 Jul 2011

Resources for former inmates, inmates and loved ones (Google Map)

By Zakia Williams Virginia provides a wide range of services to assist former inmates with opportunities to successfully matriculate back into society. This Google map represents a few organizations dedicated to helping ex-offenders in the Richmond area and surrounding community. >View Virginia resources for former inmates, inmates and loved ones in a larger map

11 Jul 2011

The Speech Writers Speak: Video Interview with Jeffrey Kraus and Paul Nardo

A video interview with Jeffrey Kraus, former speechwriter for Gov. Tim Kaine, and Paul Nardo, former speechwriter for Gov. George Allen, discussing their introduction into speech writing, and the importance of a relationship between the writer and the speaker.

27 Jun 2011

Ex-offenders quest for jobs

View “Ex-offenders quest for jobs” on Storify

27 Jun 2011

Speech writing in the Commonwealth: Politics in a Battleground State

26 Jun 2011

Same-sex marriage passes in New York

Same-sex marriage is now legal in New York because of both support from several Republican state senators and the experience gained from past attempts.

04 May 2011

Meet a VA Lobbyist: Patrick Cushing, Alliance Group

Christian Wright interviews Patrick Cushing, a lobbyist at the Alliance Group, about what it is like to lobby for multiple clients as part of a small firm.

16 Feb 2011

Meet a VA Lobbyist: Virginia Public Access Project

While they aren’t lobbyists, the Virginia Public Access Project has a lot to do with lobbying. They publish and help link lobbyists to organizations and the money they give to candidates, becoming an incredibly important tool for citizens of Virginia.

09 Feb 2011

Meet a VA Lobbyist: Mark Rubin, VCU

For those who don’t know what lobbying is like, or wonder what entails, this video is for you. Mark Rubin, executive director of government relations at Virginia Commonwealth University, explains lobbying and what it entails.

06 Dec 2010

Work Visas Plunge in a Declining Economy

As the U.S. economy has soured, companies aren’t hiring as many workers from overseas. In Virginia, the number of H1-B visa applications decreased nearly 50 percent in 2009, according to an analysis of data from the Foreign Labor Certification Data Center. Nationally, the number of visa applications dropped more than 30 percent.

09 Oct 2010

Refugees Find a Home in the Unlikeliest of Places

The refugees are Nepalese-speaking Bhutanese who lived in the Southern part of Bhutan. Bhutan is a small country in Southeast Asia near Nepal and India. In the early ’90s the Southern Bhutanese were forced to leave Bhutan when the government cited that they were residing in the country illegally. Some left voluntarily because they feared for their safety. Most of the refugees ended up in refugee camps in Nepal, where some of them have lived for more than 20 years.