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02 Dec 2013

Rising Default Rates Reflect Economic Times

In a trend that may be indicative of today’s economic realities, many schools are experiencing a hike in default rates for student loans.

02 Dec 2013

For-Profit Schools’ Students Often Default on Loans

In 2011 in Virginia, more than one of every 10 proprietary-school students who were scheduled to start repaying their student loans defaulted.

02 Dec 2013

Student Loan Default Rates for All Virginia Schools

A list of all Virginia schools and their 2011 student loan default rates

02 Dec 2013

Default Rates Highest at Proprietary Schools

Henri’s School of Hair Design in Fitchburg, Mass., is a cut above the rest when it comes to loan defaults.

02 Dec 2013

HBCUs Have High Loan Default Rates

Among Virginia institutions of higher education offering graduate degrees, historically black colleges or universities, or HBCUs, had the highest student loan default rates in 2011.

10 Nov 2013

SOL reading drops trump math rises, despite DOE framing

The Virginia Department of Education press release about the 2012-13 scores was headlined, “Students Make Gains on All Mathematics SOLs,” but the math gains were scant compared to reading losses.

09 Nov 2013

Experts say bullying in Virginia schools is difficult to measure

In another era bullying was considered a part of childhood, a rite of passage. In recent years, however, a rise in schoolyard violence and increase in adolescent suicides have caused parents, educators and the government to recognize that bullying is a serious issue worth fixing.

12 Oct 2013

Actually, UR’s crime rate tops VCU’s

The question sounds like a no-brainer: Which school has the higher crime rate — gritty-urban VCU or posh-bucolic University of Richmond? The answer is counterintuitive.

12 Oct 2013

How schools compare on crime

Here is our analysis of the data used in this report. The raw data came from the FBI; we downloaded it, cleaned it up and calculated crime rates.

23 Sep 2013

Tech is at head of class on patents

When it comes to patents, Virginia Tech is living up to its slogan “invent the future.” The Hokies earned more than three-fourths of all patents issued to public colleges and universities in Virginia since 2003.

20 Dec 2011

Only Half of VCU Students Graduate

Just 50 percent of VCU students graduate within six years. VCU’s graduation rate is among the lowest for public colleges and universities in Virginia. And it’s lower than the rates for most of VCU’s official peer institutions. University officials hope to address the problem in their new strategic plan.

20 Dec 2011

Student-athletes Score Higher Graduation Rates

At many universities, student-athletes are less likely than other students to graduate. But at VCU, it’s the opposite: Athletes are more likely to get their degrees than the general student body.

28 Nov 2011

VCU Students Rank High in Debts, Defaults

VCU students graduate deeper in debt than students from similar schools and from Virginia’s other public colleges and universities. Moreover, as the U.S. economy has sputtered in recent years, VCU alumni are having more trouble repaying their student loans.

21 Nov 2011

VCU Relies Heavily on Adjuncts, Data Show

Virginia Commonwealth University relies more heavily on part-time faculty members than all but one other public university in the state. About 38 percent of VCU’s 3,088 employees were part-time adjuncts. Only Old Dominion University, at 43 percent, had a higher proportion of part-time faculty members.

20 Nov 2011

Richmond City Dropout Rates Decrease

Over the past five years, the number of dropouts in Richmond has been cut almost in half, and the city’s dropout rate has plunged to 1.45 percent — well below the statewide rate. Officials credit a team effort between the schools and the community.

04 Aug 2011

Community Celebrates at 22nd African-American Cultural Arts Festival

“Sankofa”, meaning “to go back or take” in a Ghanian language, was the theme for this year’s African-American Cultural Arts Festival at Booker T. Washington Park, now in its 22nd year.

20 Jul 2011

Reentry programs push for doors to open

By Zakia Williams RICHMOND, Va — For seven years Donna Hobson, 42, assisted clients in their recovery efforts from alcohol and substance abuse. She monitored client’s behavior and provided them with community resources. As a substance abuse counselor at The Healing Place in Richmond, she found joy in motivating others to overcome their addictions. “I […]

11 Jul 2011

The Nation’s Battle Against Sexual Violence

<script src=””></script><noscript>[<a href=”” target=”blank”>View the story “The Nation’s Fight Against Sexual Violence and Victim Blaming ” on Storify]</a></noscript>

10 Jul 2011

The Road to Recovery

Take a look at the Google Map I created outlining different recovery resources in and around the Richmond area and how they contrast.

27 Jun 2011

Ex-offenders quest for jobs

View “Ex-offenders quest for jobs” on Storify

26 Jun 2011

VCU SAVES Offers Sexual Violence Prevention Education

A video by Elise Chretien on Richmond organizations fighting sexual violence and victim-blaming.

19 Feb 2011

Picasso comes to Richmond’s VMFA

Over 3,000 people flocked to the opening of the Pablo Picasso exhibit at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts on Saturday, February 19. The exhibit features 176 works from Picasso’s own personal collection assembled during the artist’s lifetime, according to Robin Nicholson, the VMFA’s deputy director for art and education, adding, “It’s the finest collection of Picasso’s work in the world.”

30 Dec 2010

Grades Vary Widely; 37% Are A’s

A’s made up 37 percent of the 180,000 letter grades awarded in undergraduate courses taught at VCU last year. Wide disparities in the distribution of letter grades exist among academic departments, among courses and even among professors who teach the same course.

30 Dec 2010

Search the Grade Distribution Database

Use this search form to view the grade distribution for specific courses at Virginia Commonwealth University. This tool is searching a database of 21,931 undergraduate courses taught between Fall 2006 and Spring 2010. You can see the course number and title, the instructor’s name, a breakdown of the grades students received, and the average GPA for those grades.

25 Oct 2010

More Students Graduating with Advanced Diplomas

More students are graduating with advanced diplomas in the Richmond City Public School system despite an increase in the dropout rate, according to recent data released by the Virginia Department of Education.

25 Oct 2010

Virginia HBCUs Rank High in Loan Defaults

Joy Shaw is one of many alumni of historically black colleges and universities (HBCU) who have had difficulty repaying the student loans they received from the federal government.
In 2008, HBCUs accounted for four of the five schools with the highest student loan default rates in Virginia, according to the latest data released by the U.S Department of Education. The report represented borrowers who entered repayment in the 2008 fiscal year but defaulted before Sept. 30, 2009.