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02 Nov 2015

Costs Vary Widely for Hip and Knee Replacements

The cost of a hip or knee replacements in Virginia can vary widely — by more than $120,000 — depending on the hospital, according to an analysis of recently released federal data.

12 Dec 2013

Some School Districts Have High Poverty

In 10 school districts across Virginia, at least one out of every three children — ages 5 to 17 — lives in poverty, according to U.S. Census Bureau data released this week.

12 Dec 2013

Harrisonburg Cited as Virginia’s Poorest Locality

The poorest locality in Virginia in 2012 was the city of Harrisonburg, according to an analysis of data released Dec. 12 by the U.S. Census Bureau’s Small Area Income and Poverty Estimates program.

02 Dec 2013

Rising Default Rates Reflect Economic Times

In a trend that may be indicative of today’s economic realities, many schools are experiencing a hike in default rates for student loans.

02 Dec 2013

For-Profit Schools’ Students Often Default on Loans

In 2011 in Virginia, more than one of every 10 proprietary-school students who were scheduled to start repaying their student loans defaulted.

02 Dec 2013

Student Loan Default Rates for All Virginia Schools

A list of all Virginia schools and their 2011 student loan default rates

02 Dec 2013

Default Rates Highest at Proprietary Schools

Henri’s School of Hair Design in Fitchburg, Mass., is a cut above the rest when it comes to loan defaults.

02 Dec 2013

HBCUs Have High Loan Default Rates

Among Virginia institutions of higher education offering graduate degrees, historically black colleges or universities, or HBCUs, had the highest student loan default rates in 2011.

07 Nov 2013

Analysis of 2013 governor’s race

Sifting the tea leaves from Tuesday’s election: Which localities turned from red to blue; and how the Libertarian was a big winner in the cost per vote.

23 Oct 2013

Aggravated assaults at VCU jump 50%

The number of aggravated assaults on and around VCU’s two main campuses increased 50 percent from 2011 to 2012, according to data from the university’s Police Department.

13 Oct 2013

¡Que horrible! Latinos lack health insurance

More than one-third of Hispanics under age 65 living in the South are without health insurance coverage.

13 Oct 2013

Map of uninsured Hispanics in the U.S.

This map shows the percentage of Hispanics residents in each state who did not have health insurance in 2011.

12 Oct 2013

Actually, UR’s crime rate tops VCU’s

The question sounds like a no-brainer: Which school has the higher crime rate — gritty-urban VCU or posh-bucolic University of Richmond? The answer is counterintuitive.

12 Oct 2013

How schools compare on crime

Here is our analysis of the data used in this report. The raw data came from the FBI; we downloaded it, cleaned it up and calculated crime rates.

11 Oct 2013

Crime down citywide but up near VCU

Overall crime in Richmond has dropped more than 3 percent this year, but it has increased in certain neighborhoods — especially around VCU’s two campuses.

11 Oct 2013

Compare Richmond’s neighborhood crime statistics

Here is the neighborhood-by-neighborhood crime data used in this report.

08 Oct 2013

Product recalls since 2009

Here is the data used in our report on company-issued recalls. We downloaded the data from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s website, and then we analyzed it by sorting, filtering and creating pivot tables with Microsoft Excel.

08 Oct 2013

Salmonella is top reason for recalls

Salmonella contamination is by far the most common reason for food products to be recalled.

24 Sep 2013

1 in 5 Amelians lacks health insurance

Amelia County has one of the highest proportions among Virginia localities of residents without health insurance.

24 Sep 2013

Map of uninsured Virginians

This map, based on data recently released by the U.S. Census Bureau, shows the percentage of residents in each Virginia locality who did not have health insurance in 2011.

23 Sep 2013

Tech is at head of class on patents

When it comes to patents, Virginia Tech is living up to its slogan “invent the future.” The Hokies earned more than three-fourths of all patents issued to public colleges and universities in Virginia since 2003.

17 Sep 2013

Joint replacement: $117,000 — or $26,000?

Some Virginia hospitals charge far more than others for the same procedure, according to data recently released by the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.