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14 Dec 2013

Richmond grapples with other STDs

HIV/AIDS isn’t the only sexually transmitted disease prevalent in Richmond. The city also ranks high nationally in three other STDs — gonorrhea, chlamydia and syphilis — that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tracks on a city and county level.

14 Dec 2013

Racial gulf persists in who gets home loans

African Americans and Hispanics are far more likely than Caucasians to be denied home mortgage loans.

14 Dec 2013

The law vs. banks on home loans

When it comes to home ownership, banks are the key for getting loans. And laws are in place to ensure that banks engage in practices that are fair.

14 Dec 2013

About the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act data

The data for this story was released through the federal Home Mortgage Disclosure Act, which requires most lending institutions to report home mortgage loan application information to the government annually.

12 Dec 2013

Parking bad at the Amelia Court House Post Office

The Amelia Court House post office is located in a building built in 1959 that came with four parking spaces.   One of those parking spaces is reserved for handicapped use, leaving three general use spots for use by a population that has increased 63 percent since the facility was built.  To put it plainly, the village’s post office parking situation is bad.

09 Dec 2013

At The Flower Avenue Flea Market, Anything Goes

By Ajong Mbapndah L Thomas Djidjo, an immigrant from the West African Country of Togo did not realize that almost two years after the Flower Avenue Flea market, in Silver Spring, MD, started, it will still be in business but today the market is waxing strong. The previous owner had closed shop because of economic […]

09 Dec 2013

Revitalization Efforts Cut Short

Julia Dean was in the market for a new home when she was lured to the Carver neighborhood eight years ago. Dean, a retiree, had been living in Randolph, a neighborhood in Richmond’s West End just north of the Downtown Expressway, when she heard about a government program that was giving first-time homebuyers the chance to own new and affordable homes.

09 Dec 2013

Southside residents, clergy fight back against AIDS

It’s been an uphill battle for Lindsay Bryant, who’s one of many trying to combat the ongoing debacle of HIV/AIDS in Richmond and the rest of Central Virginia.

09 Dec 2013

White Squirrel Population Nestled in West End Neighborhood

In Stonequarter neighborhood, a small three-street community in the West End of Richmond, Va., there is a large population of white-furred Eastern Grey Squirrels.

09 Dec 2013

A Sign of Miscommunication: Oregon Hill Residents Want Answers Over New VCU Sign

Oregon Hill, a small neighborhood that rests between VCU and the James River, has always been up against entities larger than itself. One of the main struggles the neighborhood has had is communication with VCU. A new VCU sign in Oregon Hill has caused discontent amongst residents, who say the university left them out of the circle of communication.

09 Dec 2013

Noisy Neighbors: Venture Richmond’s Amphitheater Proposal Raises Concerns in Historic Community

Venture Richmond is in need of new land to house their 10,000 person venue for the Richmond Folk Festival. A desired location has been found but a nearby historic community is concerned about the merits of the project and how such a venue may impact their life on the hillside.

07 Dec 2013

Downtown Ashland: A work in progress

Work on the first phase of construction in a major downtown streetscape overhaul in Ashland came to a close earlier this month.

10 Nov 2013

Who owns the most vacant buildings?

Five vacant properties, previously owned by a prominent Richmond-area investor, were auctioned off by the city of Richmond for tax delinquency in late October. The properties, located in Church Hill along a historic stretch of homes, had been owned by property collector Stacy Martin through Premier Investment Properties LLC.

09 Nov 2013

U.S. counties with the biggest bump in poverty rates

According to the 2012 American Community Survey, nine of the 10 counties with the highest poverty rates in the U.S. are in Southern states. This is not surprising, since nine out of the 10 counties with the biggest increase in poverty rates are also in the South

09 Nov 2013

Poverty in Richmond highest in the state

A lot of people think of Detroit as the poster child for poverty. But here’s a disturbing fact: The poverty rate in Richmond is just as bad.

31 Oct 2013

Richmond preps for Halloween 2013

Premiere Costumes was doing wicked business the Monday before Halloween.

31 Oct 2013

Hanover Avenue prepares for Halloween tradition

The celebration has become such a Fan tradition, that the city actually blocks off Hanover Avenue from the 1900 block down to Strawberry Street.

16 Nov 2011

A Steep Decline in Richmond’s Murder Rate

Richmond was once known as the murder capital of the United States. But in recent decades, murders in the city have fallen dramatically. And despite an uptick the past few years, Richmond likely will finish 2011 with one-fourth of the killings it had in 1994.

04 Aug 2011

Community Celebrates at 22nd African-American Cultural Arts Festival

“Sankofa”, meaning “to go back or take” in a Ghanian language, was the theme for this year’s African-American Cultural Arts Festival at Booker T. Washington Park, now in its 22nd year.

03 Aug 2011

Black Cemetery Restoration Plans Underway

Volunteers hope new plans to upkeep a black cemetery where thousands are buried, Evergreen Cemetery, will eventually lead to a full restoration.

03 Aug 2011

Local Group Gets People, Vegetables Together

The Vegetarian Society of Richmond is a local, non-profit organization that creates a community for vegetarians and vegans alike, while advocating for their involvement in the local community.

03 Aug 2011

In US, African ‘Bride Price’ Tradition Controversial

Fulfilling customary obligations prior to marrying a Ghanaian girl doesn’t seem to have lost its relevance at a time when many cultures are fading away.

03 Aug 2011

Line Dancing Showcases Filipino Culture in Hampton Roads

After more than a quarter century, the Filipino line dancing group known as the 5th Dimension is still performing and bringing Filipino culture to the Hampton Roads

01 Aug 2011

SlutWalks Sweep the Globe in Their Fight Against Victim Blaming

By Elise Chretien On April 3, 2011, Sonya Barnett and Heather Jarvis had no idea what they were creating when they hosted the first SlutWalk in Toronto. Now, only three short months later, SlutWalks have spread to over 30 countries and 100 cities, half of which are major cities in the United States. When asked how it felt to watch […]

01 Aug 2011

Significant Increase in Number of Americans Working Past Retirement

Four days a week, Betty Gilley is at work early, 6:30 a.m. to be exact. The old­est in her office, the petite, golden haired woman is known as a fast walker and a dili­gent worker. With close to 44 years of ser­vice, Gilley retired in 2010 with plans to work in her flower gar­dens and […]

30 Jul 2011

Turning Up The Heat On The Homeless

With Richmond facing record summer temperatures, various organizations are banding together to keep the homeless cool and hydrated. By Sean Collins-Smith, Ashley Sabin and Amy Vu.

30 Jul 2011

Maintaining Maymont In The Heat

The staff at Maymont Park works hard to make sure that the park’s wildlife, vegetation, and visitors stay happy and cool.

26 Jul 2011

Black Women and HIV in Virginia

Black women are 15 times more likely to be living with HIV than White women in Virginia. 

25 Jul 2011

“It’s almost like they have leprosy but all they have is poverty”

Ray Neblett returns to Gilpin Court to bring hope. The notorious housing project is one of Richmond’s toughest and most dangerous neighborhoods. Gilpin Court is also the city’s largest public housing project, with more than 2,000 residents.

25 Jul 2011

Preparing Monique for the Stage

“All’s Well that Ends With Monique,” a co-production between Amy Berlin, Ann Bucci, and the Richmond Triangle Players, will open on July 28.

20 Jul 2011

Reentry programs push for doors to open

By Zakia Williams RICHMOND, Va — For seven years Donna Hobson, 42, assisted clients in their recovery efforts from alcohol and substance abuse. She monitored client’s behavior and provided them with community resources. As a substance abuse counselor at The Healing Place in Richmond, she found joy in motivating others to overcome their addictions. “I […]

19 Jul 2011

Johnny Newman on The Importance of Community Centers

Johnny Newman credits a big part of his success to the YMCA in his hometown of Danville, Virginia, advocating that mentoring environments similar to the YMCA are vital to communities.

18 Jul 2011

New recovery center works the steps, aims to change the system

Brewer has been clean for almost four years and is now the senior peer leader at the Caroline County Recovery Center. The center – a partnership between Caroline County’s Commonwealth Attorney Tony Spencer and The McShin Foundation in Richmond – was established in February. It uses McShin’s model of peer recovery, where drug addicts help each other using 12-step based recovery.

18 Jul 2011

Demographic Shifts to Effect Virginia’s Political Speechwriting in 2012

18 Jul 2011

Census details on Virginia’s same-sex couples to be released on Thursday

On Thursday, July 21, the United States Census will release the full 2010 data for Virginia. For the LGBT community, this means more than a rough guess of how many same-sex families live in the state.

12 Jul 2011

Resources for former inmates, inmates and loved ones (Google Map)

By Zakia Williams Virginia provides a wide range of services to assist former inmates with opportunities to successfully matriculate back into society. This Google map represents a few organizations dedicated to helping ex-offenders in the Richmond area and surrounding community. >View Virginia resources for former inmates, inmates and loved ones in a larger map

11 Jul 2011

Robbed of Retirement?

Meet six retirees who gave up the leisure of retirement to return to work.   Betty Gilley When Betty Gilley first retired she felt lost. A women who works best under a routine, Gilley went back to work, adding to her nearly 44 years of service. Podcast Powered By Podbean Gloria Miles,66 Gloria Miles didn’t plan to […]

11 Jul 2011

The Nation’s Battle Against Sexual Violence

<script src=””></script><noscript>[<a href=”” target=”blank”>View the story “The Nation’s Fight Against Sexual Violence and Victim Blaming ” on Storify]</a></noscript>

10 Jul 2011

The Road to Recovery

Take a look at the Google Map I created outlining different recovery resources in and around the Richmond area and how they contrast.

08 Jul 2011

Henrico PAL: Building trust and life skills through sports

The Henrico Police Athletic League and volunteers team up to teach camp goers life skills through a lesson of golf.

27 Jun 2011

Ex-offenders quest for jobs

View “Ex-offenders quest for jobs” on Storify

26 Jun 2011

VCU SAVES Offers Sexual Violence Prevention Education

A video by Elise Chretien on Richmond organizations fighting sexual violence and victim-blaming.

24 Jun 2011

Organized Sports: More Than a Game

Jasmine O’neil, a 16-year-old student at George Wythe High School channels her aggression through boxing. Hear how she went from troublemaker to champion in this video.

12 Apr 2011

Drugstore soda fountains: A bit of nostalgia, a lot of home

Drugstore soda fountains largely disappeared by the 1970s. But Old Mechanicsville has two, with a third located about a mile away in Henrico County.

12 Apr 2011

Almost through the cracks

By Zakia Williams Richmond, Va. – A year ago, Ja’Quan Hicks,16, found himself falling through the cracks. “I really didn’t go to class. I used to skip all the time,” Hicks said. Hicks attended Armstrong High School located in the East End. His empathy was a result of the faculty and staff not caring, Hicks […]

12 Apr 2011

Tradition In Transition: Libbie, Grove, And Patterson

Dobbins-Johnson is co-owner of Shops at 5807, in the Patterson and Libbie Business District, nestled between Richmond’s West End and Fan District. The area, just like its neighbor, Libbie and Grove, is steeped in history and tradition, with many independently-owned shops and restaurants. But now, the two are coming together and looking to change.

12 Apr 2011

The First Laugh: Stand-Up Comedy in Richmond’s Museum District

As Brian Mann steps off the stage at Café Diem, fresh from performing a joke which ended with him in the arms of a burly bar employee, he heaves a sigh.  “That felt good.” he said. Before Mann is able to take his seat the bearded MC is already on stage, insulting the crowd before […]

12 Apr 2011

After 15 Years, Short Pump Marches Onward

In 1996, many of Short Pump’s major landmarks were completed, setting off a wave of development that takes it closer and closer to being a business and leisure destination.

12 Apr 2011

Struggling to Revive Business in Jackson Ward

Historic Jackson Ward continues to fight urban blight, despite more than 20 years of revitalization efforts. But a potential boost to this community may not be far away.

11 Apr 2011

Southside Business Owner Runs for Virginia Senate

By:Angel Booth RICHMOND, Va. – Inside Heart and Soul Sidewalk Café, a narrow dimly lit soul food restaurant on Hull Street, August Moon sat in the back corner booth. It was Super Bowl Sunday, and the Green Bay Packers were defeating the Pittsburgh Steelers live on the flat screen above Moon’s table. But he paid […]