November 2013

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11 Nov 2013

Thefts Boost Takoma Park Crime Rate

The reputation of Takoma Park as a relatively safe town for its residents may be under threat from incidents of theft that are driving up the crime rate.

11 Nov 2013

Latest FBI crime data for every Maryland city

Our look at crime in Tahoma Park, Md., was based on our analysis of the FBI’s 2012 Crime in the United States report. We downloaded the city-by-city data for Maryland and then used Excel to clean up the data and calculate crime rates.

11 Nov 2013

HIV-AIDS: Our data and map

Here are the data used in our report on HIV and AIDS in Virginia. We’ve also posted a larger view on the map showing the HIV-AIDS rate for each locality.

10 Nov 2013

SOL reading drops trump math rises, despite DOE framing

The Virginia Department of Education press release about the 2012-13 scores was headlined, “Students Make Gains on All Mathematics SOLs,” but the math gains were scant compared to reading losses.

10 Nov 2013

Who owns the most vacant buildings?

Five vacant properties, previously owned by a prominent Richmond-area investor, were auctioned off by the city of Richmond for tax delinquency in late October. The properties, located in Church Hill along a historic stretch of homes, had been owned by property collector Stacy Martin through Premier Investment Properties LLC.

10 Nov 2013

From pot to heroin, drug offenses soar

Drug violations in Ashland have more than doubled this year compared with 2012, and the variety of narcotics being recovered has local officials alarmed.

10 Nov 2013

HIV/AIDS takes grim toll in Richmond

About 2,330 Richmond residents are infected with HIV/AIDS, and the city’s infection rate is the highest in Central Virginia – almost four times the statewide average.

09 Nov 2013

U.S. counties with the biggest bump in poverty rates

According to the 2012 American Community Survey, nine of the 10 counties with the highest poverty rates in the U.S. are in Southern states. This is not surprising, since nine out of the 10 counties with the biggest increase in poverty rates are also in the South

09 Nov 2013

Poverty in Richmond highest in the state

A lot of people think of Detroit as the poster child for poverty. But here’s a disturbing fact: The poverty rate in Richmond is just as bad.

09 Nov 2013

More dying on the job in Virginia

Workplace fatalities in Virginia increased 15 percent last year. And in the Richmond area, the numbers of workplace deaths were higher in 2012 than they have been in five years, according to federal and state data.

09 Nov 2013

Experts say bullying in Virginia schools is difficult to measure

In another era bullying was considered a part of childhood, a rite of passage. In recent years, however, a rise in schoolyard violence and increase in adolescent suicides have caused parents, educators and the government to recognize that bullying is a serious issue worth fixing.

08 Nov 2013

Common Wealth? Data Show Slow Growth in Va. Employment

Blame sequestration. Experts say federal budget cuts may explain why employment in Virginia is growing at a slower pace than it is nationwide. Virginia ranked 12th among the states in the number of people employed, at more than 3.5 million. But Virginia doesn’t compare so favorably in job growth – the percentage of employment change. […]

07 Nov 2013

Analysis of 2013 governor’s race

Sifting the tea leaves from Tuesday’s election: Which localities turned from red to blue; and how the Libertarian was a big winner in the cost per vote.