Students carve pumpkins in hopes of free noodles

October 31, 2013


Photo Credit: Ireti Adesanya

By Ajong Mbapndah, Ireti Adesanya and Ted Keefe

RICHMOND — As VCU students crisscrossed through the Student Compass in the center of campus on the night of Oct. 28, they may have noticed several glowing jack-o-lanterns and costumed cohorts.

The sights were no cause for alarm, as it was a Halloween themed promotional event, Radio Makes Children Scream, hosted by WVCW, VCU’s student run radio station.

Joel Austin, the stations General Manager and a VCU senior, said that this was the third year of the event and it served a simple purpose.  “We aren’t looking to raise money, we’re just raising awareness for the station,” said Austin.

Over 75 students participated in the contests, including Biology major Sarah Sterrift.  “I came because of my love for pumpkin carving,” said Sterrift.  Sterrift, who had been at the event from its start at 6pm, said it had taken her around 90 minutes to carve out her pumpkin.  Sterrift hoped her work would be rewarded, as the contest offered a grand prize of free Noodles & Company for a year.

“Once you say free Noodles, or free anything, any college student jumps on that.  So, I guess they’re definitely reacting positively to that,” said Nathan Seeto, one of the student promotion officers with the station.

WVCW has been VCU’s student radio station since 1968, and became an online only radio station in 2001.  The transition online was difficult for the station financially. “We had some financial issues in the past, but have started to get back on our feet in the last few years,” said Austin.  Though not directly asking for money, Austin hopes promotional events like Radio Makes Children Scream will help bring financial support.

The station is currently planning another event to coincide with their broadcast of the Richmond Christmas parade, but with no final plans set, ideas from VCU students are welcome.  “Maybe a raindeer run.  I don’t know.  Something that you’re going to have to help us come up with” said Seeto while laughing.