Richmond preps for Halloween 2013

October 31, 2013

By Ashley Apodaca, Geoff Cooper and Jeannette Porter

RICHMOND — Premiere Costumes was doing wicked business the Monday before Halloween.  The 40-year-old Richmond fixture, located in Carytown, was once again providing a lot of people with that perfect costume.

Richmonders in search of perfect Halloween outfits cruise Premiere Costumes on Oct. 28.

Richmonders in search of perfect Halloween outfits cruise Premiere Costumes on Oct. 28. Photo by Jeannette Porter

Virginia Commonwealth University student Claire Meyer gripped a shoulder-length, corn-row wig with beaded tips as she perused the racks and counters.

“I’m here for this awesome Stevie Wonder wig,” Meyer said, holding it up.  “I need it for my costume—Stevie Wonder Woman.”

Meyer was shopping with her friend Ashley Simard, who had a unicorn head as a mask, but hadn’t yet settled on a costume.

“I’ve never really had a great Halloween costume,” Simard said  “That’s why I’m here, to scope out the scene. It generates a lot of ideas for me.”

“Premiere is wonderful,”  Meyer chimed in, standing behind her friend.

Premiere Costumes is a theatrical costume shop open year-round, which rents and sells a wide-variety of costumes, accessories, and props.   The business always sees an influx of sales and rentals near Halloween, but this year there was “definitely more of a last minute crunch,” said Rachel Renner, the assistant manager.  “Business has been good,” she said.

This year’s “dark horse” was Miley Cyrus’ MTV Music Awards outfit, says Renner. Other popular costumes included zombies and Nixon for teens and hipsters, and My Little Pony and Monsters High for kids.

“Duck Dynasty’s pretty huge as a group costume,” Renner said.  “We’ve sold a metric ton of beards.”

Premiere had a few younger shoppers as well.  According to a press release from Experient Health, a Richmond, Va. insurance company, children’s costumes should be properly sized to help prevent injuries, and fire-proof to prevent accidents.