April 2012

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21 Apr 2012

Claimants see injustice in judge’s denials

An administrative law judge in Richmond rejects nearly eight of every 10 claims for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits — one of the highest denial rates in the country. Lawyers and claimants say Judge Drew Swank is unfair, and they have filed complaints against him.

21 Apr 2012

Judge Swank: In his own words

Last year, Drew A. Swank, an administrative law judge who handles disability claims for the U.S. Social Security Administration in Richmond, wrote an article titled “Welfare, Income Detection, and the Shadow Economy” for the Rutgers Journal of Law & Public Policy.

21 Apr 2012

Search our database on Social Security Administration judges

With this search tool, you can see summary statistics on each administrative law judge who has decided Social Security Administration disability cases. You’re searching a database of about 1,700 judges who have handled disability cases since October 2009.

21 Apr 2012

About the Social Security disability rulings data

The data for this report came from the Social Security Administration. For each fiscal year, the agency’s Office of Disability and Adjudication Review posts a “public use data file.” This file shows how many decisions each administrative law judge made; it lists how many cases were denied, partially approved and fully approved.