Wildlife Strikes by the Numbers

December 20, 2011

From FAA's Wildlife Strike Photo Gallery at http://wildlife-mitigation.tc.faa.gov/wildlife/gallery.aspx

1: How many wildlife strikes were reported at the Charlottesville-Albemarle airport in 2010

25: The number of wildlife strikes involving armadillos nationwide since 1990

5.3 million: The estimated population of Canada geese in North America

415: The number of bird species identified as struck by aircraft in the past 20 years

55: The number of aircraft damaged beyond repair due to wildlife strike since 1990

24: The number of human fatalities resulting from bird strike since 1990. (There were also 243 injuries.)

15: The number of wildlife strikes involving alligators nationwide since 1990. (They were all in Florida.)

31% of the time: How often engines are affected when a wildlife strike damages a plane. Engines were reported as the most damaged component of the aircraft.

62%: The proportion of wildlife strike that occurred during the day.

Source: Computer analysis of the Federal Aviation Administration’s Wildlife Strike Database

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