November 2011

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28 Nov 2011

VCU Students Rank High in Debts, Defaults

VCU students graduate deeper in debt than students from similar schools and from Virginia’s other public colleges and universities. Moreover, as the U.S. economy has sputtered in recent years, VCU alumni are having more trouble repaying their student loans.

21 Nov 2011

VCU Relies Heavily on Adjuncts, Data Show

Virginia Commonwealth University relies more heavily on part-time faculty members than all but one other public university in the state. About 38 percent of VCU’s 3,088 employees were part-time adjuncts. Only Old Dominion University, at 43 percent, had a higher proportion of part-time faculty members.

20 Nov 2011

Richmond City Dropout Rates Decrease

Over the past five years, the number of dropouts in Richmond has been cut almost in half, and the city’s dropout rate has plunged to 1.45 percent — well below the statewide rate. Officials credit a team effort between the schools and the community.

16 Nov 2011

A Steep Decline in Richmond’s Murder Rate

Richmond was once known as the murder capital of the United States. But in recent decades, murders in the city have fallen dramatically. And despite an uptick the past few years, Richmond likely will finish 2011 with one-fourth of the killings it had in 1994.

14 Nov 2011

At 9.5%, Unemployment High in Richmond

With almost 10,000 Richmond workers unemployed, the city is definitely experiencing a problem. The unemployment rate in Richmond was 9.5 percent this past September, while the statewide and national rates remained significantly lower – Virginia at 6.4 percent and the nation at 8.8 percent.

14 Nov 2011

Survival Rate of Babies in Africa Increases

Babies have a better chance of survival in Africa today than they did just a decade ago. At the start of the millennium, of every 1,000 babies born in African, 98 died before their first birthday. By 2009, the continent’s infant mortality rate had fallen to 80 deaths per thousand.