Six ex-offenders stay motivated despite rejections

July 25, 2011

By Zakia Williams

Six ex-offenders share their stories on what it’s like to be reminded of their past crimes with constant job rejections.

Donna Hobson, a mother of four, came to the Offender Aid and Restoration of Richmond (OAR) in 2011 after serving a 10-month sentence for a felony child neglect conviction. Hear what Hobson says keep her motivated.

Melvin Jones Jr., 53, shares the difficulty he faces in seeking employment while being homeless.

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Curtis Abbott, 59, served time for a DUI offense in the 80s. Hear what Abbot says is his biggest barrier in finding a job.

Samuel Brown, Jr., a former Richmond Public Schools’ bus driver, served time for drug related offenses in 2007. Brown explains why some should be more forgiving.

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Paul Troutman, 46, explains why it’s more important now then ever for him to stay on course.

Emanuel Scott, 31, gives hope to ex-offenders that it is possible to find a job.