Recovery through their eyes

July 22, 2011

I spoke to six people who are currently recovering from drugs in the Richmond area and who shared what the process was like for them.

John Shinholser, president and founder of the McShin Foundation in Richmond, has been clean for almost 29 years. In this clip Shinholser tells us when his drug use escalated and when he stopped.

Cloud Ramirez, 50, has battled drug addiction throughout her life. Numerous stints in rehab failed. Here she tells us how she got involved in Recovery In Christ, a ministry at Cornerstone Assembly of God that uses-faith based recovery and how God helped her beat her drug addiction.

Frank Brewer, now in his 40s, spent most of his life in and out of jail and was addicted to drugs. He’s been clean for almost four years; is the peer recovery coach at McShin and the senior peer leader at the Caroline County Recovery Center. Brewer tells us why he came to the McShin Foundation, how he started using drugs and how his life has changed since he stopped using drugs.

Michael Tillem, 49, talks about how he dealt with drug addiction for most of his life and how he’s found a new found purpose since staying clean.

Brooke B., 20, talks about her journey through drug addiction and recovery, how she came to the McShin Foundation and how she found solace by sticking to other recovering addicts.

Justin Hamilton, 22 , talks about why he came to the McShin Foundation, his drug addiction and how he’s changed his life in order to recover.