Robbed of Retirement?

July 11, 2011

Meet six retirees who gave up the leisure of retirement to return to work. 

 Betty Gilley
When Betty Gilley first retired she felt lost. A women who works best under a routine, Gilley went back to work, adding to her nearly 44 years of service.
Gloria Miles didn’t plan to return to work after retirement. But when she saw that previous job needed her help, she put her feelings aside and went back to work.

Mamie Staples,66

Mamie Staples says the main reason shes still working is her lack of financial planning. Her advice to young people:save.

Selma Roberts,72

Selma Roberts says she can not just sit around. That’s why she went back to work. She believes staying active keeps her young enough to keep up with her 26 grand kids.

Doris Hemphill,62

Doris Hemphill says she loves to be around people,and can’t imagine a retirement alone. So she went back to work to maintain social capital.

Kearny Miller,65

After two months in the house, Kearny Miller had cabin fever and says he had to go back to work. Miller loves to drive trucks and finds the perfect balance between leisure and part time work.