What is it like to be gay in Richmond?

July 10, 2011

The Richmond skyline from Belle Isle. (Photo by Mark Newton, 2010)

Six residents of Richmond, Va. discussed what it’s like to be gay in the River City from a variety of viewpoints. What emerges is a range of positive and negative emotions on topics ranging from legal woes to the city’s nightlife.

Cindy Bray, the program director of the Gay Community Center of Richmond, discusses how the LGBT community in Virginia must carefully word wills and other legal documents in order to successfully include loved ones outside of a traditional relationship. (Download MP3)

Rose FaJohn talked about how Richmond’s nightlife has changed over the past several years. (Download MP3)

Costume designer Randy Rose hasn’t run into any problems in the city outside of meeting new people. He does note, however that the gay community “stands up for each other” and “have each other’s backs.” (Download MP3)

Jerica Nonell, on the other hand, addresses the drawbacks of Richmond’s relatively small gay community. (Download MP3)

Stephanie Smith, who works at the Gay Community Center and is a member of the Metropolitan Community Church of Richmond, discusses both the beneficial and problematic relationships between the gay community and different religious views. (Download MP3)

For Nations server Justin Rivas, however, the moment that encapsulates the good that the LGBT community can do was in a series of protests last year against the intolerant policies of an after-hours club. (Download MP3)