Refugees Find a Home in the Unlikeliest of Places

October 9, 2010

By Veronica Garabelli
MASC 642 Online Journalism

RICHMOND, Va. — It appears to be a normal Sunday at Richmond’s First Baptist Church, which is located on the corner of Boulevard and Monument Avenue. The hallways are buzzing with excitement as people greet each other in between the morning services. In the basement, however, there is an unlikely crowd: a slew of Bhutanese refugees armed with a Christian Bible that is written in their native language.

The refugees are here for bible study, which is being led by Ralph L. Starling, an associate pastor at FBC.

“The thing to remember is to stay connected to the community,” Starling tells the group of Bhutanese refugees, who except for a select few, don’t say much. “When you do that there is a higher percentage of good things happening.”